Getting ready to go!



As you can see we are getting ready to go. Pam and I have had a lot of experience travelling abroad (all of those years at SIT!), but I can tell you one thing, neither of us knows how to travel light. When is time to pack, we always end up bringing more clothes, shoes, books, than humanly possible. I always bring those books that I always wanted to read but that I never found time to (I am thinking about bringing with me the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (in a set that includes the Silmarillion and the Hobbit). Whenever we travel somewhere (it could be as close as Hamilton, NY to visit her parents, or as far as Spain to visit mine), Pam decides it is a good time to bring the Baby Signs book and DVD… which we never end up using… I don’t think we are going to become more effective at this point, but by bringing everything but the kitchen sink there is always the hope that I will finally read Lord of the Rings, and that our kids will end up being fluent baby signers.



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