Things I will miss from the States (and one from Spain)


Leaving for six months got me thinking about some of the things I will miss from the States. Here there are a few of them in no particular order:

– Friends (UVa friends, C-Street friends)

– Dropping off Sophia and Dylan at school (and getting a bagel at Bodo’s after I do so with Dylan)

– Netflix and Hulu (I hope our VPN works in China!)

– Driving

– Clean air (see NYTimes article)

– Trader Joe’s (sorry Whole Foods)

– The UVa campus

-NPR (especially the Diane Rehm show)

– My Nespresso Machine (soooooooooooooo much!)

– Our house (After so many years of being a nomad I was starting to like the sedentary life)

And one thing from Spain:

– Jamon

I just wrote this on the plane from Seattle to Beijing, so I am sure I am forgetting a few things, but Isabel is not letting me think or type now (wait, why is she still awake?!?!?)



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    • We miss you guys too and wish we were able to meet in Asia! Can’t wait to hear about your trip too. And you’re right, I’m sure we’ll end up missing aspects of our life here too, and it won’t be with the prospect of being able to return again soon.

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