Getting a Haircut Without Looking Like Kim Jong Un


Today I took Sophia and Dylan to get a haircut. Both of them have not had one in a while, and we thought it’ll be another interesting experience to do it here. Pam was a little concerned since she thought that under my supervision (or lack thereof) Dylan could end up looking like Kim Jong Un the day before his 4th birthday, but I promised I would watch out for any attempts to transform our little boy into a small version of the attractive North Korean leader. Also, maybe a haircut would help Dylan, who has his hair longer than most of the boys his age here, stop getting “what a beautiful girl” comments, which Sophia thinks are hilarious (Dylan not so much). The first place we stopped would not take the kids (I did not take it personally, as I’m not sure I would have taken them myself), but the second one was pretty empty and would trim their hair for the modicum price of $3 a piece. Here you can see some pictures of our experience.



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    • I thought they both turned out okay, especially for $3. I was a little surprised by the way they did Sophia’s hair (varying lengths), but it looks healthy. Dylan’s looks cute, though he still was mistaken for a girl twice since then! What do you think?

      • Did they maybe think Dylan was a girl? Or is that a typical boy cut in China? It’s cute on him, but I think he will still be mistaken… Sophia’s hair looks good, but shorter than I thought you’d like. All in all, an awesome looking experience!

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