I almost got to read this article about…


So I was very excited today when I saw a current TIME Magazine at the University newspaper stand. You can’t always get foreign magazines or newspapers in the area where we live, or you can only get them when they are not “news” anymore (today there were selling a Wall Street Journal from 3 months ago).

I usually don’t buy TIME Magazine, but there was an article that caught my attention. The article in question is the one headlined on the cover of the magazine between “The Next Pele,” and “The World’s Hardest Job” (see picture below). I was surprised to see that a magazine with such an article made it into the stands but, hey, things are changing here…

The article I almost got to read

The article I almost got to read

Or so I thought, since when I tried to read the article, it wasn’t there anymore. “Someone” had ripped it out from the magazine (see picture) but left the last page by mistake. My guess is that it was removed (you like the passive here?) from all of the magazines at the airport.

Since I actually have not mentioned the name of the article, or what it is about, hopefully I will not get in trouble for this…



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