Flight or Fight: What is this Movie About?


I have mentioned in a previous post how counterfeit DVDs have a very idiosyncratic way of “reproducing” the original DVD:  the cover picture can be wrong, the title misspelled, the credits are from a different movie, etc. The other day I found a funny example of this. As you can see in the pictures below, I own two copies of Robert Zemeckis movie, “Flight,” with Denzel Washington, although, if you were to judge the covers, they seem to be two completely different movies.

The one on the left is the original, with Denzel Washington looking all serious in his pilot outfit under the rain. The image in the middle of the cover gives us a hint of a major plot point of the movie: a plane accident will make him a hero, but it also will uncover a secret life of addiction. Anyway, you can see that the movie is presented as a drama of sorts.

The picture to the right is of a copy of the same movie that I bought from a street seller very close to my university. Now, if you were to judge the DVD for its cover, and not its title, you would think that you just bought a very different movie. Denzel Washington is not a pilot anymore (you can’t see his pilot hat), but some sort of action hero, a mixture of Bruce Willis in Die Hard 2 (which takes place at an airport), Mark Wahlberg in Shooter (which would explain the telescopic rifle), and Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious (notice the race cars at the bottom of the cover). I wonder if some people bought the movie here expecting to see a hardcore action movie and ended up disappointed when they watched a movie that’s not even really about a miraculous pilot who saved all of its crew and passengers from certain death, but a movie about the struggles of alcohol addiction…



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  1. I thought your writing here was pretty funny! Interestingly, we just watched Flights a week or two ago. I knew what it was about, but somehow that the addiction wasn’t the main story. I liked the movie a lot, but even without a bootleg cover, it still wasn’t what I expected!

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